Part of the teachers of PPEA-UFOP keeps an active network  through research and joint publications partnerships with researchers abroad. The PPEA researchers have partnerships with the following centers:


  1. Université Paris XII -  Interinstutional Agreement;
  2. Havard Medical School, Boston (EUA);
  3. Department of Statistics, University of Central Florida (EUA);
  4. Ural Federal University (Rússia) - Interinstutional Agreement;
  5. Universidade de La Laguna (Espanha);
  6. Universidade de Newcastle (UK);
  7.  Universität Hohenheim (Alemanha);
  8. Universitá degli Studi di Trieste (Itália).




PPEA-UFOP has been trying to intensify these networks of contacts and agreements with institutions and research centers, expanding the possibilities of the consolidation of joint work, as well as the internationalization of the Program and Research in UFOP.